The World Affairs Council offers plenty for students!

Students involved with this organization can benefit from the incredible opportunities and programs that we have to offer.


Here you can learn more about how we can be a helpful resource and guide for students. Check out our menu below to get started. Students have access to a handful of resources that can help guide them in their pursuit of knowledge of World Affairs and The Global Studies Diploma! We even offer opportunities to students that no other organization in the area can offer! See below for all the benefits we offer to Students.

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Travel Opportunities are a major factor in the benefits. Students have traveled to many countries like France, Hungary and more!


Global understanding is a great benefit as students learn about other cultures and how life is in other countries.


Global Studies Diploma can give any student a great booster to their resumes for college!


Students have the chance to see what different types of cultures are in their surroundings like restaurants or festivals.


Students have the chance to meet and connect with people from all over the world. We have many international guests in our program!


Learn to have a great world understanding!

Benefits for Students