Membership Benefits

Travel Opportunities

Our members have the chance to experience many travel opportunities we offer. Some are even discounted or paid in full by grants! Experience the world with the World Affairs Council!


Luann Croy touring Southeast Asia with Bill Hilt

Meet People From All Over The World

Many times a year we host and meet many different people from all over the world. We have met Officials from the Ukranian Parliament, Teachers from other countries and many more people! With us, you have the chance to learn more about the world from people in many areas of the world!

Meet New People.jpg

Ukrainian Parliament Members visiting Northwest Ohio in collaboration with the World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio

Many Opportunities and Events

The World Affairs Council Of Northwest Ohio hosts and invites members to many events where you can meet many interesting and important people! A great chance to learn more about the world and the community!

Dinner with Ukraine Delegates.jpg

Members having dinner with Ukrainian Parliament Delegates

And More!

The World Affairs Council has more to offer, come and see for yourself and check our events calendar where you can meet some of our members and see for yourself how you can thrive, grow and learn with us!

Marcy Kaptur.jpg

WACNO Members With Marcy Kaptur at dinner event