Not an educator or a student? No Problem! The WACNO has a place for anyone in the community!

People in the Northwest Ohio area may become members to take advantage of our wonderful opportunities and resources! Business and people can make international connections with us! We also offer exclusive events and opportunities to members! Learn more below!


Looking to learn more, enhance your world view, or just want to meet new people and experience exciting opportunities? We have a place for you! The World Affairs Council Of Northwest Ohio has so much to offer to the community! We offer members travel opportunities, meeting people from all around the world and fun events that help expand world knowledge! Check us out and become a member today!

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Connections to the world!

A chance to meet new people and learn about the world!

Beneficial events to both educate and enhance your world view!

Travel opportunities to many regions of the world!

Benefits for you!

Immigration Benefits To The City Of Toledo.

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