The World Affairs Council Of Northwest Ohio

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio is to promote awareness and engagement of world affairs in Northwest Ohio.


Initial Mission:

We recognize that currently there are numerous international initiatives underway throughout Northwest Ohio in education, higher education, community associations and business. Our aim is to improve the coordination and communication concerning these programs.


Continuing Mission:

Our ongoing goal is to implement programs that foster global connections and highlight the value of international activities and partnerships as well as coordination of resources to best utilize global connections to further explore best practices in civic engagement, student exchanges, education and business ventures.


Community Initiative


The World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio aims to enhance the global perspective and competencies of pre-K through higher education students throughout the region. This will be accomplished through developing partnerships between local school districts, uni- versities, and community organizations to provide programming that includes speakers, professional development opportunities, and academic programs for students and teachers.


Our local network currently includes individuals from many public and parochial school districts throughout Northwest Ohio as well as Bowling Green State University, Owens Community College, Lourdes University, and the University of Toledo.



The Community Engagement Initiative aims to work with various community groups to promote world affairs throughout the area.



WAC-NWO will help organizations promote awareness of their group and activities such as festivals and fundraisers. We will work with community organizations to maximize their visibility and design programs to encourage participation and engagement.

Why We Need Global Competency

"Think about how much smaller the world has become in our lifetime. Not physically smaller, but interconnected, available, and accelerated.  Think about the future--what jobs won't have been replaced by automation or AI in 10, 20, 30 years?

Are our kids going to be able to compete in that world?  According to the World Economic Forum, as many as 8 out of 10 jobs that our youngsters will fill one day, don't exist yet.

But one thing we do know--those who are globally competent will have a much better chance at success in careers and college.

In order to strive and thrive in this new globalized world, students need to have the knowledge, skills, and disposition to navigate such a landscape.  They must recognize diverse perspectives and appreciate cultural differences. They need to be able to understand and take action on global issues.

According to a report by Global Savvy, 60% of recent graduates think that they would be better employees if they had a stronger understanding of world cultures, while only 12% say they received instruction to help them understand the roots of global issues.  Global competence education will make a difference."--Bill Hilt, President WAC-NWO